Links to Art Sites, Journalism, etc.

Artinfo: Updated daily, reviews/ criticism, essays, columns, blog links, auctions, fashion, everything- good to take a gander at to get a pulse on what the latest drama is. Very market focused, lots of info about auctions. However, it does have some really insightful blogs, esp Modern Art Notes, by Tyler Green.

Artdaily:  Est. 1996, online arts newspaper. Artdaily features short articles and headlines on the latest art news/ exhibitions/ controversy/ auctions, it’s more market focused and good for a quick glance

Artforum: Major art magazine, in print and online (print and online differ ie. you have to subscribe to get the print articles). Very market focused, some essays, but mostly short articles and reviews, useful to get the latest openings, auctions and exhibitions

BOMB Magazine

Contemporary Art Daily


Frieze Art Magazine: UK based, online and in print. Features art criticism/reviews, essays, columns by writers, curators, artists. Est. 1991, publishes 8 times a year. Often really interesting articles and interviews, some of the articles are only for subscribers, however.

Berlin Art Journal: Berlin based, Online Art Journal. Features interviews with artists, short articles on fashion, design, art, primarily on the local scene (Deutsch and English); updated daily. Useful to see the latest in Berlin, more informal.

Triple Canopy: Online Magazine and platform for editorial and curatorial activities. Est. 2007, a diverse project, more informal works by artists, writers, designers and developers from LA, NY, and Berlin. This site is dedicated to ‘slowing down the internet’ and establishing a prolonged viewing of information (it’s intentionally ‘non-organized’). Lots of information to digest, you can spend hours going through it, enjoyably I might add. Online, peer-reviewed journal of scholarship in the humanities. Est. 2011, features lengthy scholarly articles, poetry, reviews, editorials, and the “Tank” which is a debate platform for current scholarship and issues. Great for in-depth analysis and research, especially useful to see scholars debate.


Dis Magazine

The Art Newspaper

Third Text



Co-Lab Project Space


more sites forthcoming…


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